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                               Learning From Reflection

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The more you practice the better you will be.  Practice alone is not enough. Reflection over problem solving experience can help a student learn both about the problem situation and about problem solving process.  

Recollect how you progressed on the solution. Remember the important aspects of the progress.  Remember the stages when you were stuck and how you recovered. Also remember the 'Aha' moments if you encountered any.

What can you learn from your experience?
What made the problem hard? What worked? what did not work?  
What was the lesson learnt? 
Does it tell you about effectiveness of different approaches to problems of this type?
If you articulated particular rules of thumb or strategies, what is     
the reason these worked? In what circumstances, would these work? 

Are these specific cases of more general strategies?


An important part of reflecting on your problem solving experience is to get better understanding of strategies and rules of thumb that would be useful in future problem situations and, if possible, to come up with new rules of thumb.  This includes getting a better understanding of circumstances under which a heuristic would be applicable as well as specializing or generalizing heuristics.