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Often, math can be made meaningful to students in the context of
problems selected from real life. One strong motivator for students
is applications in space and aeronautics.

Below we list some resources with real life applications from
space and aeronautics:

Wisdom Tools Games :AeroEngineer, AstroEngineer Games
Temperature Game (Fahrenheit:water: 212, death valley: 134, body: 98.6,
room temp: 68, freezing: 32, moon: -81 antartica: -128 satern: -229
space:-454.5 Superfluid He:-455.8)

NASA Books, Lessons and Activities

Grade 3-5 Space Math : Integers,Fractions and Mixed Numbers, Decimals, Time, Positive and Negative Numbers,
Simple Equations,Geometry, Measurement, Data analysis and probability, Problem Solving
Grade 6-7 Space Math : Properties of  number, fractions, percentages, graphs, graphical analysis and rates, working with 
equations and formulae,geometry,measurement, data analysis and probability, problem solving
FlyBy Math Simulator : distance-rate-time, visualization

Videos from NASA that have won many awards including Emmy Awards.