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                                                                               MATH PUZZLES

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Math puzzles are another form of math problems that many people found engaging.
Sudoku is a good example of a puzzle that is very popular.
Below are some sites with challenging math puzzles and topics that can be taught
with the puzzles:

Count SquaresCount Triangles  :Counting Principle, Patterns, Problem Solving

Matchstick Puzzles , Toothpick puzzle  : Act it out, Problem Solving

Painted Cube : Counting, Organized list

Handshakes : Combinations, Draw a diagram, Organized list

Books : Permutations, Draw a diagram

Make 24 PuzzlesMake X Puzzles : Guess and check, Order of operations

SudokuSudoku Techniques : Logical reasoning

Sequence 1Sequence 2, Pascal's triangle : Pattern discovery, Algebra

Puzzle Based Lessons


Primer on how to solve Cryptarithm puzzles